Sunday, October 2, 2011


How long have I been going on and on and on about wanting a zebra rug? Hmmmmmm...a really long time. I thought I wanted a black and white one until I saw one up close and realized that the white part wouldn't stay white for very long in my I pretty much figured I would never own a zebra rug. Until today......ok..actually until four days ago when I spotted a nice brown and tan one on I stared at it on and off and ended up waiting until this morning to actually buy it.

The price went up while I was procrastinating for those four I almost didn't buy it but it got wonderful reviews so I took a deep breath, hit the "add to cart" button and bought the sucker.

I do not like to buy things this was a big deal for me. I like to feel things, hold things, really check things out in person, so I am a bit anxious about my purchase.

I can't wait for the rug to get here. After several years of wanting a zebra rug....I will finally have one.

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