Friday, February 25, 2011

Mind Block

I don't like ANYTHING that I am doing in this new place. Everything looks wrong.
The Big Couch looks out of place and too tiny. The rug overpowers the orange couch. Every picture, every knick knack, every piece of furniture just screams, "WRONG".

Great! I have an 1185 square foot apartment that I need all new stuff for.

I should start asking for donations or hang out on a street corner with a sign that says, "Need Money For New Shit".

I ain't too proud to beg. I need cash and ideas.

I have decoraters block and I am at a loss. Feel free to contact HGTV and recommend me for ANY show because I am in a funk!

Right now, the only thing I am liking is this pillow!


  1. Your decorator's block shall pass!

  2. I agree with you...... I like the pillow too!

    Talk soon, Lori