Friday, February 11, 2011

The Penthouse hubby and I are almost moved in. Baby steps steps. It is more like, "I am exhausted and can't go up another flight of steps" baby steps...but baby steps all the same.

Since I am still an unemployed slacker, I am taking a car load of stuff over each day. Lugging it down to my car from our current 2nd floor apartment then lugging it up to our new place on the THIRD floor. Movers come on the 19th to get the big stuff. I may be an unemployed slacker...but I ain't stupid. No way are we gonna kill ourselves hauling large ass furniture up and down all this steps.

I am so excited, pee my pants kind of excited, about this place. It is just so darn pretty. It is a total blank canvas and I get to do it up anyway I want. (Thank you to Willie for "seeing my vision" and letting me do what I please in regards to decor. He really is great) Now I just need fundage people. LOTS of $$ are gonna be involved to do this place up the way I want. Thank goodness I am a bargin shopper and can spot a red clearance tag from 100 feet away! Home Goods, TJ MAXX, Marshals, and ROSS are gonna all get to know me on a first name basis. (Ok...AFTER I get a job they will get to know me on a first name basis) So not only is the move itself a "baby steps" kinda deal...but the decorating will be too.

Being poor and loving decor SUCKS! (Hey..that rhymes)

Anyhow, our unit consists of 2 bedrooms, a den, a dining room, living room (with a fireplace..HELL YA), 2 full bathrooms, an open kitchen, a great corner balcony, and a laundry room. Oh ya, it has central heat and a/c too with tons of windows and so much bright light that sunglasses may be required during peak hours! There is also a beautiful pool, a spa, an awesome gym, and they offer yoga classes.

I think to be considered a penthouse, that the unit has to take up the whole top floor of a building but I have decided to ignore that "rule" and call our new place "The Penthouse" anyhow. It is the top floor, one corner of it, and it is now ours... so I can call it The Penthouse if I want to!!

Lots of before and after photos to follow people. LOTS!

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