Monday, March 7, 2011


SO...we moved in less than a month ago yet I am on my 3rd living room rug. Thank goodness I keep all my receipts and shop only at places that have no hassle return policies!

The first one was PERFECT in color but too small. The second one had reds, yellows and oranges in it but was so close to the same color as the couch that the couch almost disappeared. This one has more brown than orange and I think it is a keeper but I still wish it was a 6 x 9!

With a burnt orange couch it is really hard to find something that has a touch of the same color without being orange overload. The other impossible thing seems to be finding a rug in the right size. Since when did they stop making rugs in 6 x 9? WHEN and WHY?

Now area rugs start at 5 x 7 and then jump straight to 8 x 10 or some slight variation of those two sizes! Rug one was 5 x 7, rug two was 8 x 10 and rug three is 7.3 x 9.3. WTF? I am just a tad OCD....and having to put even just a tiny bit of the rug under the front feet of my couch is enough to almost drive me over the edge. I WANT A 6 x 9 RUG AND I WANT IT NOW.

So if you see this baby in a 6 x 9 , grab it, buy it, and bring it to me. I shall kiss you for it!


UPDATE: as of 03-29-2011 the rug in this photo is G-O-N-E. Damn thing kept shedding and even though I had it for less than 30 days, it looked like it had been here for years. It was a total fuzz ball mess with strange long fibers sticking up all over the it by the time I took it back to Home Goods. So now we are back to no rug.

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