Sunday, July 10, 2011

Can I Get An Amen?

Ok, OK, OK, so we haven't even moved yet and I am already dragging my husband to furniture stores and putting our stuff on craigslist....but I can't help it.

I have a problem. A "I love furniture way too much" problem.

I LOVE the funky colors from the options at IKEA but our IKEA is 1 1/2 hours away, never has anything in stock, AND charges way too much for delivery. Urban Home has some great LOOKING stuff but you can tell that if someone sneezes too hard or a dogs claw even comes near the thing, it will fall to pieces. Ethan Allen and Lazy Boy are both out of my price range. BLAH BLAH BLAH!

So, today we headed over to Easy Life Furniture. I pretty much expected cheesy, overstuffed CRAP..and there was a lot of that in the store...but I also found a nice, basic sectional. Do I wish I could get it in ORANGE, ...yes....but that is not gonna the basic tannish/brown will work. (I'll just jazz it up with amazing pillows and a funky throw)

I would like to get one that is a bit larger but since my husband has a leather recliner that he won't part with I will have to settle for a smaller version. (See..I can compromise)

The really great news....this sucker is only $799.00. I came home and looked it up online and the SAME COUCH sales for $1400 at JC Penny, and between $1100 to $1300 at some other stores.


It also comes with a fake leather ottoman...that is UGLY. I tried to get them to let me have a coffee table instead but the bastards said it a combo deal. If I take the nice sectional than the ugly step-sister (ottoman) has to come too. I guess I can sell it on Craigslist. HEE HEE

Did I buy it today? NOPE. We have to sign papers for the new apartment first and we do that tomorrow. YAY!

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