Friday, July 8, 2011

3 to 2. We Get To Move


We finally got approved to do the apartment transfer from our third floor, no elevator, 3 bedroom, to a ground floor, attached garage, 2 bedroom. We are giving up a room...but gaining our sanity!

Not only will we appreciate not having to chuck it up four flights of stairs day in and day out (the thought of grocery shopping made us cry) but our old dog, Winston will REALLY be happy. Poor old guy is 11 (that's 77 in human years) and the trips up & down really did him in.

On Monday we go down to the office to sign the transfer papers and find out when we get to move in. We had REALLY hoped to score a ground floor unit in our current building...but no one is moving out (bastards)... so we are taking a unit that is on the other side of our complex.

The move still involves packing (joy) and lugging it DOWN the 4 flights of stairs..(more joy)then tossing it into our truck, driving to the other building and repeating that process about a billion times...but when it is all done...we will be much happier! TIRED...but HAPPY!

I am already looking at many furniture items that will NOT be making the journey. My husbands GIANT desk is going on craigslist next weekend, and I think our couch may go bye bye too. YES...the big, orange couch. (Don't worry..I'll get another one...just better) The floor plan of the new place just SCREAMS for something different. I see a custom sectional in our future.

I have a huge, vintage, 1970's, Drexel coffee table that I need to work around..which could be a bit of an issue. may end up on craigslist too.

Glad I don't get attached to furniture! is the new floor plan. (For our current floor plan just go back to my very first posting on this blog) The patio/deck is different though. Ours is a ground floor unit so the patio extends along the entire front part of the unit and there is a front door off of the living room. The door shown as the entrance (into the dining room/kitchen) on this photo actually leads to the garages in ours.

Swanky right?

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