Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

So as my blog title implies....I have a big couch! It is an 8 foot, burnt orange monster that we had custom made a few years ago. (We use to have a TEN foot custom couch...that we thought wouldn't fit in our we sold it...only to find out that it WOULD have fit! Yes, I cried) you may or may not is not easy to find artwork to fill the empty wall behind such a large couch. Well, let me rephrase may be "easy" but it ain't cheap! Hence the still bare wall behind the couch.

Today, I spotted this funky, shiny idea on a recent house tour at I like it. I like it a lot...and I think this may be what I attempt to copy!

Your thoughts please.


  1. mirrors seem expensive too. although you can crash salvation army and find mirrors slowly but surely that will fit. what about just getting frames from a salvation army and having plain old white paper in them for now. it would look modern and eceltic at the same time and down the line you can add pictures to them.

  2. Turns out mirrors are expensive as hell...I checked out several thrift stores and realized that the mirror decor would not be happening. I'm on a mission to find something creative and different to cover my wall with!

  3. i have no idea why mirrors are so expensive! You would think, like everything else, that the price would come down after the commodity wore off. Not in the case of mirrors! I like the idea of the frames...but instead of mirrors maybe some cheap DIY art.

  4. I am going to get some super cheap black poster frames from Target and put some pretty wrapping and/construction type paper in them.
    I have a huge couch so I will need 4 to 6 poster sized frames.
    I am going to try to do the whole project for under $100.00.
    It is the darn frames that are so expensive.