Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moving On Up....Or Down hubs and I are currently in a 3rd floor (no elevator and not so close parking) apartment. sucks and not only can we not take many more trips up the multiple flights of stairs but our 11 year old dog, Winston, ain't dealing with it too good either!


Needless to say, we are hoping to work out some deal with our property management company on a 2 bedroom (ground floor and attached garage) unit that is two buildings away from where we are now. Problem? They have increased the rent since we moved in four months ago!!!

So our dilema we stay where we are and watch our dog struggle to go up and down four flights of stairs or do we pay the extra $65.00 to be on a ground floor unit that has one less bedroom?

This is some serious shit people. I have been losing sleep over it!

We moved here with the intentions of staying only for a year then seeking out a home to buy. Now, we know that home buying in a year is not going to happen with my low paying job (I was unemployed for 18 months until I got this job) and my hubs recently losing his job (he got laid off ONE month after I got my current job) so we are kinda sorta "stuck" here for 2 years! So do we want to bitch and moan everyday as we huff it up the stairs or do we cave in and pay more to be on the GROUND FLOOR with an ATTACHED GARAGE???

What would you all do??

We will lose one bedroom but gain NO STAIRS! We will lose space but gain A HAPPY OLD DOG. mom (man I love and miss her) will be here soon (once her house sales in Missouri) and the thought of her huffing it up these stairs every day worries the shit out of me. She ain't feeble but she is 68 and those stairs are a bitch for me and I am only 41! (yes..I DO look young for my age. SMILE)

Screw this...I know I have pretty much made up my mind...I guess I just need someone else to tell me that I have made the right choice!

I want the smaller, GROUND FLOOR, unit.

Lord have mercy.

On a good note...I get to toss out our HUGE (why do we have such a large ass desk) in exchange for this this computer armiore.

I smile as I plan the new decorating in my head! This will look perfect in our dining room. You won't even know that it is a desk you crazy bitches! I hate the moving...but I don't hate the decorating! WHO could hate decorating????

I am happy. Super happy. I am as happy as a bird with a french fry.

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  1. It sounds like you know what you want to do! I love moving because you could not buy a single thing and still feel as if you've re-decorated. Hope all is well!