Friday, April 1, 2011

Holy Shit. People Are Reading My Blog

SIT DOWN and maybe even grab a strong drink because I just discovered that...people ARE actually reading MY blog!

After a few days of feeling all boo-hooey for myself, I decided to give a stab at posting something on my blog..and there they were......COMMENTS...from people who were reading what I had to say! I almost fell over!

A big SMILE and THANK YOU to all of you. It really did make me feel better!

Now spread the word about my blog because I have an apartment that I need to decorate, on a very tiny budget, and I want to share it with whoever is interested!

In the is a pretty picture that I stole from My favorite And My Best. Just one of the blogs that I follow like an addict!

The photo makes me calm!


  1. So glad your back and it was very cool to read all those comments left in support. You have a real talent for decorating, defintiely stick to it! :)

  2. Hi! I'm moving to my own (first!) apartment in may, and I love reading your ideas - please keep posting!!

  3. thanks guys..i got inspired by people "showing me some love" really did make me feel good to hear from yes...i will keep posting...